Mirro Center

Mirro Center for Research and Innovation

The Mirro Center is a new beautiful building with many amenities, except it was missing an outdoor space. There are many conferences, events and meetings that happen at the center and the unfinished looking patio didn’t promote much outdoor conversations.

3E&WWG was brought in to help upgrade this space. They added a 3500 square foot stone epoxy patio with a custom design made out of Apache stone and Flint stone. This size of a patio took 17,000 pounds of stone, 125 gallons of epoxy and about 1100 linear feet of trim.

If the patio wasn’t enough of a focal point, 3E&WWG added a water feature that has 3 waterfalls that lead into a 50 foot long stream that ends in a pondless waterfall system. They brought in 25 tons of Missouri limestone to create the one of a kind water feature. At the end of the stream there are several bubbling fountains, these are a custom design and were added to give the collection area a bit more of a spark. All of this waterfall is well light for after hours enjoyment as well.