Water Features

Water Feature Design & Construction

Woodland Water Gardens offers design, consultation, and construction services for commercial and residential water features. We specialize in both large and small scale projects including, Koi ponds, water gardens, water falls, streams, pondless water falls, bog and wetland filtration systems, wetland reclamation systems, water fall enhancements into earthen ponds, and retention pond clean up and naturalization.

Full Service Aquatic Nursery

We operate a full service nursery dedicated solely to aquatic plants suitable for ornamental and earthen ponds. We also stock plant material specifically suited for wetland filtration systems as well. During seasonal months you can usually find around seventy different cultivars of aquatic plants in our greenhouse. The outside lily ponds also house a multitude of hardy water lilies of multiple colors and varieties. Woodland also handles both domestic and imported Japanese Koi along with other fish for your water garden including our very popular Golden Orfe. During the summer season we have a great selection of beautiful straight fin and butterfly Koi. Gold Fish, Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins, Calico Fan tails, and Black Moors are but a few of the fish you will find in our “fish shack”.

Large Scale Commercial Projects

We also engage in large scale commercial projects, including consulting, design and construction for indoor and outdoor applications These projects range from the 20,000 GPH to 200,000 GPH range, and typically include high volume water falls and extensive filtration systems.

“Pondless” water fall designs are suitable for commercial applications where liability of open water, as found in a pond, are prohibitive for the client. These designs utilize an underground reservoir to supply the entire volume of water required for the falls. With no open water, these designs have proven to be ideal in high traffic areas, especially where children are present.

Water falls into water shed retention ponds typically found in housing developments can not only beautify the pond, but provide beneficial oxygenation and water movement necessary for pond health. Combined with a natural wetland filtration system, a clean, vibrant, healthy pond can be created and enjoyed by home owners for years. A properly designed wetland filter only 50′ x 50′ with a water fall return to the pond can adequately filter an 80,000 sq’ pond.