Fish Shack

If you are looking for fish for your water garden, or if you need advice or assistance with the fish health in your pond, we can help.  We have two University of Georgia Certified fish health professionals on staff.  We also have direct access to one of the top Koi veterinarians in the country, Dr. Erik Johnson.

With the pond season at an end, everyone should have their ponds shut down for the season.  Aerators or diffusers should be in place for the cold weather ahead.  Remember, you need to have a hole open in the ice for the ammonia and sulfide gases to escape.  Once your fish reach that 8″ to 10″ range, they also will need some supplemental oxygen, so a 2000 GPH pump configured as an aerator, or one of our new air stone diffuser systems will take care of both tasks for you.

Pond netting is also a must this time of year.  Most of us use the netting to keep those pesky leaves out, but it also serves as a predator deterrent as well.  Fish are cold blooded and thus are very slow and susceptible to heron this time of year.  Keep the netting on your pond over the winter months and keep your beloved fish safe!

If you have any questions concerning your pond during the cold Indiana winters, give us a call.