Decorative Concrete


Stamped concrete is designed and textured to resemble various types of brick, slate, flagstone, natural stone, tile and even wood. All areas of your home can be enhanced by the use of stamped concrete. Whether indoors or outdoors, from your front entry to your rear patio allow concrete to decorate your home. The growing popularity of stamped concrete is thanks to its wide variety of options including textures, colors and its cost relation to the materials it is a substitute for. Stamped concrete allows you to choose complementary colors and textures to blend with the outdoor elements surrounding your home. More complex and exciting designs can include lighted steps, stamped seating walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and water features. Stamped concrete is a customized product allowing the client and contractor to achieve the perfect natural surface to suit the individual design goals and budget.

Antiquing Process

Liquid Colored Antique can be used on dry or wet concrete surfaces as a coloring or antiquing agent. On flat surfaces, the pigment will collect where you spray it most heavily. On textured or stamped surfaces, the pigment will flow to the lowest part of the impression, adding accents and restoring color.

Liquid Colored Antique can also be used to even out discoloration in small batches of overlay or to correct over-hydration color bleed.

Standard powder releases use percentage of pigment load to control the color. Liquid Colored Antique works under similar principles, but the dispersion vehicle, rather than inhibiting the placement of pigment for lighter shades, evaporates to leave only the pigment.

Color shading control is fully in the hands of the applicator. The more an area is saturated, the more the pigment will be dispersed providing a virtually infinite range of color options and shades.

By using seperate applications of different colors, unique and personal effects can be created, allowing the contractor to more easily tailor a project to the expectations of the client. Liquid Colored Antique can be applied to previously sealed surfaces to restore integrally-colored or stained outdoor concrete. While designed for use with textured or stamped surfaces, Liquid Colored Antique can be used on smooth concrete and is an excellent alternative to acid stain on older, more porous outdoor slabs or concrete that cannot be stained by another means.

Liquid Colored Antique contains a dispersant to maintain even distribution of pigment particles throughout the stain, but settling will occur. Stir or shake vigorously before pouring into the sprayer, and regularly agitate the mixture to prevent settling in the sprayer. Our product can also be applied with a sponge or sponge brush to create different textures and appearance on the surface.

The coverage rate for Liquid Colored Antique is influenced by several factors including surface porosity, existing surface color, desired color saturation among others. The average coverage rate is 200- 300 sq. ft. per gallon. All antiqued surfaces must be sealed to preserve and enhance the color of the slab. Most sealed surfaces will wear over time and should be resealed every 2-3 years.