Parkview Medical Center

Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC) was looking for water features, seating, and beautiful concrete work; that’s where 3E and WWG stepped in to help.  3E and WWG were able to create a pondless water feature inside of PRMC, complete with artificial plants, and concrete seating.  These beautiful features create a certain ambiance to the area, and the constant sound of a waterfall can’t be matched.  3E and WWG moved to the exterior of the building for Phase II.  Phase II included Missouri Weathered Limestone Bubbling Boulders, and poured, decorative raised fountain walls for additional seating.  Take a walk through the decorative stone epoxy walkway, where bronze statues and accent boulders were added for a completely sophisticated look.



  • Interior Pondless Water Feature with Artificial Plantings and Concrete Seating Wall
  • Missouri Weathered Limestone Bubbling Boulders
  • Poured Decorative Raised Fountain Walls
  • Decorative Concrete Walkway and Poured Seating Walls
  • Bronze Statuary and Accent Boulders
  • Decorative Stone Epoxy