Backyard Pool Paradise

Large Firepit with grate 2

The Great Backyard Pool Makeover

This backyard already had an amazing setting with a great in-ground pool. However, the pool decking and patio just didn’t do justice to the rest of the property. So 3E & Woodland Water Gardens came up with a plan to replace the pool deck, add a larger patio, waterfall, and retaining wall. By the time the project was completed the homeowner added the front walk and a 7 foot wide fire pit. This backyard is now an entire backyard paradise.

Structural integrity
– 600 cubic yards fill dirt
– 72 cubic yards concrete
– 4000 feet rebar
– 46 tons boulders

Featured projects
– Arkansas fieldstone pond less waterfall
– 2800 square feet of cobblestone epoxy pool deck
– 1200 square feet decorative concrete patio w bluestone texture and Sierra integral color
– Broom finished concrete steps w cut stone cantilevered edge and Palmer stone risers
– 7 foot diameter wood fire pit w metal ring insert and hanging cooking grate. Includes poured concrete cap and Palmer veneer stone base.
– 21 natural bluestone steps at 4 feet width