Ultra Turf Club Indoor-Outdoor Putting Carpet

  • 17-oz. tufted polypropylene putting carpet
  • 1/4” Length
  • Heavy Duty Primary Backing
  • Rubberized action back
  • STIMP 10-10.5
  • Roll width – 12 ft.

A great turf for small practice greens where ball roll is very important. Club turf works well indoors or out and is a perfect product for the price-conscious golfer.


TP360 Nylon Putting Turf

  • 38oz. Tufted Nylon
  • 7/16” Length
  • Heavy Duty Primary Backing
  • Rubberized action back
  • STIMP 10-11
  • Roll width 15 ft.

Can be filled with 1-1.5 lbs. per sq. ft. of sand to create softer ball bounce for short chips. We believe this is the best nylon ever produced. Great ball roll coupled with a realistic color puts TP 360 in a class by itself. Golf professionals around the globe agree, this is good as it gets.


TP450 Minimal Fill Nylon Putting Turf

  • 5/8 inch pile height
  • Rubberized action back
  • Roll width 15 ft.

Best if used with 3 lbs of sand to accept shots from 10 -20 yds. Putts slower than the non filled nylon but will hold a shot when properly filled

TP 360PP Polypropylene Sand Filled Putting and Chipping Turf

  • 1 inch pile height Urethane back
  • Must be filled to the top of the pile to create best ball roll and shot reception.
  • Ideal when you want to hit long distance shots into the green
  • Will require an excess of 5 pounds per square foot of sand
  • This turf will require regular maintenance to maintain speed and look
  • Roll width 15 ft.

P400 Nylon Fringe

  • 1 inch pile height
  • All nylon construction
  • Urethane Back
  • Roll width 15 ft.

In our opinion this is the best fringe we have ever used. Seams great, stands erect right off the roll, club head glides through in all directions without grabbing. By far our favorite putting green fringe.